Palal and Kikim Palal and Kikim Khongsai lead our work in Myanmar with vision and integrity

About Us

Our Purpose

Myanmar Hope Christian Mission, Inc., (MyHope) is a non-profit corporation formed in order to bring help to the people of Myanmar. Our assistance is meant to be holistic - we want to meet the needs of the whole person, including spiritual, physical, educational and emotional.

Our Past

MyHope was formed in Springfield, Illinois in May, 2007 in an attempt to meet the tremendous needs of our Christian family in Myanmar. After becoming aware of the problems faced by the poor and needy in Myanmar, a vision was born for a new organization that would bring hope, comfort, encouragement and much needed help to the tribal villages of northwest Myanmar and beyond.

Our Present

In just the few short years since our founding, God has done amazing and incredible things through the generous donations of people just like you. Through His grace and your generous offerings, we have:

  • ...provided food, clothing, and shelter for hundreds of needy families and individuals afflicted by natural disasters such as Cyclone Nargis and the Rat Plague
  • ...provided emergency medical treatment and on-going health care for many poor individuals
  • ...provided hundreds of Bibles, hymnals, and songbooks to Christians in their native language
  • ...provided new and/or improved worship facilities for many churches
  • ...provided bicycles, radios, and training for local pastors and elders
  • ...provided Christmas meals, with meat, for dozens of poverty-stricken churches and villages
  • ...provided rice, blankets and mattresses, clothing, educational funds, and much more to many individuals and families suffering in abject poverty
  • ...provided abundant, fresh, clean water through the construction of new wells
  • ...provided regular support to local churches whose members are too poor to support their own pastors and elders
  • ...provided a much improved educational experience for 30 students from poor families through our Hope Boarding School
  • ...and much, much more!

Our Future

We have a dream and a vision for improving the lives of the people of Myanmar, and our mission is to see that dream fulfilled in our lifetimes. We strongly desire to see poverty, racism, inequality and injustice eliminated. We look forward to a day when even the most remote tribal areas have access to abundant, inexpensive, nutritious food, clean running water, quality education and adequate health care.

Most importantly, we desire to see the eternal hope of Jesus Christ fill the hearts and minds of all the people of Myanmar.

Contact Us

If you would like more information on any of our ongoing or future projects, or would like to join us in this magnificent effort, please contact us. We will get back with you very soon!

Myanmar Hope Christian Mission, Inc.
1104 206th St E
Spanaway, WA 98387
Phone: (217) 415-9187

Your donations are changing lives! The children of Hope Boarding School in Yangon, Christmas 2017